Our Hearts In Nature

The theme for module 7 is “Hands and Hearts – with an emphasis on unplugging from technology. While working on this new module for my Urban Nature Art Program for Adults, I came across an old love-heart I made a few years ago using cardboard with oil pastels. It sparked a simple idea….


Of-course I placed my heart in the forest – it’s my favourite place to be in nature among the majestic trees. Trees were my first powerful connection to the natural world growing up as a child; some of my best friends are trees.

With the module focusing on Urban Nature Art, I will be taking my heart into the city next month and will share some cool nature spots in my city but for now – I would like to invite you to make a simple cardboard heart and colour it in with whatever you wish and take it outdoors and place it in your favourite spot in nature.

This playful sharing of love is so simple and so powerful; helping to reconnect our hearts to Mother Earth’s Heart. What could be more beautiful!

Feel the Love – Be the Love – Share the Love… 

Peace, joy and imaginative play become life’s constant companions when the heart is open to the benefits of nature. In our nature art program we make love-hearts of all different sizes from tiny ones to huge heart sculptures from natural materials found in nature. These hearts can be left outdoors permanently, however for this exercise, we are keeping it super, duper simple.

Mother Nature is waiting to share her beauty and ubandant love with you – So madly in love with our Mother Earth, with all life – love is who we are, feel it – know you too are deeply loved,

Happy Thursday beautiful people, from my heart to yours, peace Marghanita x

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