Illuminating Beauty

Her peaceful smile speaks to my heart – whispers of love have my spirit dancing. As I gaze in awe at this mystical beauty, seeing the moon as if it were the first time, my heart fills up with love and appreciation and a warm glow floats around my awakening body. Spellbound by her illuminating beauty, I am reminded of our own illuminating beauty and how each one of us radiates our own unique love and light.

Radiant and joyous in her fullness, her joy gifts me joy, her peace gifts me peace. She is balanced and complete, I feel balanced and complete. Wild and free, yet deeply connected – a oneness so pure and true.

In her fullness, she lights up the pathway – helping us to see more clearly.


Love is everything

This love is abundant, I share this love with you, may your hearts be filled with love and peace on this sacred new day, full of gratitude, Marghanita x







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