Peace is Within


We can all feel a little overwhelmed at times, especially at this time of year. Sometimes finding peace can be challenging in the chaos. For me, time in nature helps me tap into my inner peace.


I love all the seasons, however I secretly wish to hold onto Autumn just a little bit longer. This beautiful Beech tree with it’s cascading copper waterfall whispered to me as I walked down the High Street.

This welcoming glow of copper, gold and amber was just what I needed – helping me relax and find harmony. As I stood under the glowing life force breathing in all the love and beauty – peace filled my entire being.


This simple, gentle meditation out in nature nourishes my soul, my body, my heart and I no longer feel overwhelmed.

The ultimate source of comfort and peace is within ourselves – Dalai Lama

I feel happy, nourished and inspired. Nature has a magical way of stirring my imagination and I feel inspired to create something from the fallen leaves and branches (can you guess what it might be?) Making something from nature for a loved one, a friend or even a complete stranger gifts me immeasurable pleasure.

With a handful of beech leaves and small twigs, I get to work on a stick being. A bead, some twine and wool – slowly morph into my little Beech dancer and a Chinese lantern seems the perfect addition to help light her way as she dances in celebration of life on this frosty morning.


My spirit dances as I lose myself in nature play, relishing every magical moment.


I can’t wait to gift this stick being to someone very special…it is in the giving that gifts us the greatest joy!

Do you feel overwhelmed, perhaps a little stressed?

I invite you to spend time with the trees in your neighborhood, local park or wooded area and let these gentle giants sooth your soul. Sit quietly under the tree, take a few deep breathes and just be.

Get Creative

Gather a few items from nature such as leaves and sticks and make something. Nature art (such as creating stick people – where we are slowing down and enjoying each step and each breath as we create) can lower our stress levels and leave us feeling mentally clear, calm and inspired. You can learn more about creating stick people here: STICK PEOPLE


Talking of inspiration, my  “Peace Is Within” illustration was inspired after reading the beautiful book ” Peace Is Every Step” by Thich Nhat Hanh


I would like to leave you with a beautiful poem from the book : from the editors introduction page:

Peace is every step

The shinning red sun is my heart

Each flower smiles with me

How green, how fresh all that grows

How cool the wind blows

Peace is every step

It turns the endless path to joy

These lines summarize the essence of Tich Nhat Hanh’s message – that peace is not external or to be sought after or attained. Living mindfully, slowing down and enjoying each step and each breath, is enough. Peace is already present in each step, and if we walk in this way, a flower will bloom under our feet with every step. In fact the flowers will smile at us well on our way.

Wishing you all a beautiful and peaceful week, love Marghanita xx

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