Playful Nature Art

Elise is one of my special needs students I get to work with on a one to one – which I love. Elise suffers from a a rare neurological disorder,Subcortical Band Heterotopia, unmanageable Epilepsy and Autism This week she was experiencing lots of seizures leaving her dizzy so we took things slow.

In our classes we mainly concentrate on the local environment and its inhabitants (we do however investigate other countries and their wonders throughout the year but try to focus on what the students can explore and experience in their immediate surroundings). To quote Robert Bateman β€ In school, kids learn more about the problems of the Amazon Rainforest than about the wooded area at the end of their street – it’s not more courses; its experience.”

Today, we were learning about Mountain Goats. I have only had one encounter with the mountain goats here in the Okanagan and what a thrill it was to witness such magnificent climbers…truly amazing.

Climbing is part of childhood, whether its climbing a tree, climbing over the rocks or up a ladder in the orchard, risk taking is something we were built for just like the mountain goats.

Elise doesnt let her constant battle with seizures stop her from being adventurous; taking risks; even after suffering a wobbly start Elise is keen to climb the rocks and hillside with a helping hand.

Having collected a handful of little sticks, leaves and several flowers; we begin to create our Mountain Goats. Cardboard and an old ball of string are added to our items to play with.

This is a beautiful joy-filled activity, and a wonderful sensory experience for Elsie which also builds on coordination and motoring skills.

We explore shapes, textures, measuring as we create…

Hunting and gathering items from nature is all aprt of the fun. The silver birch bark made the most perfect curly horns for our Mountain Goats.

Elise was excited to introduce her little mountain goat creation to all her friends in the forest, especially the fairies and the flowers.

Storytelling – Elise always has a story to share about her creations and often records her stories in her Nature Journal.

My heart is always full when I say goodbye to Elise at the end of our sessions. I continue to learn and grow along with Elise during our sacred time in nature.; truly grateful to share this journey with so many beautiful souls.

Wishing you all a beautiful and creative week ahead, with love and gratitude Marghanita x

You can learn more about our Nature Art Program here: NATURE ART

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