The Power of Nature Play – Once Upon a Time

Imaginations flourish outdoors in nature

Nature provides the best environment for creative adventures with found objects. A few sticks, flowers, pebbles, rocks and twine…can offer a child of any age hours of creative fun and learning opportunities. Nature gifts the most beautiful organic open-ended materials for all sorts of creative exploration.

Storytelling with nature

One of my favourite nature based art activities for children of all ages (and adults) is story building. Children can express themselves on so many levels through creative storytelling with nature which provides opportunities for language to grow naturally from these rich authentic experiences.

The creative process is magical, enchanting and ancient and I cannot think of a more inspiring place to nurture a child’s creativity than outdoors in nature

My parents gifted me the freedom to think and wonder and question the natural world around me. I was free to roam and explore creative ideas, feeding my curiosity, visiting imaginary worlds in and around nature and I have never stopped. Infact I spend an enormous part of my adult life creating.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” – Einstein

Nature play isn’t just for kids – nature play feeds my soul and sharing this passion with other adults helps to rekindle their creative intelligence that too often, has been lost somewhere between childhood and adulthood.

Gazing into the golden daffodils, I dream that one day all children will have the freedom to play and learn outdoors in nature.

Life is a creative journey – let us dance in celebration of this beautiful gift we all have – to be creative!

Surely every child is entitled to the same freedom of exploration and expressing themselves creatively.

As adults we have a responsibility to provide these opportunities for our children in our lives.

Thank you for remembering our need to be creative, with love and deep appreciation, Marghanita x

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