Reconnecting with Nature

One way to reconnect with nature is to immerse yourself in the elements. By merging with the elements we are learning to honor and respect the earth, water, air and sun.

Everywhere we live has a spirit

Last night the wildness of this sacred land spoke to me as the storm whipped up the waves, I stood memorized by the colour, the sound, the smell, the power, the wild energy enveloping me – I became one with the elements…my spirit dancing wild and free…

photo by David Hughes (

I marveled at the mystery and magic as it stirred within me. I stood in awe of the beauty, power and magnificent energy of the elements.

These sacred moments immersed in the natural world feed my soul and inspire creative exploration.

Photo by David Hughes

The wild raging waters had my heart racing with excitement, the ever changing masterpiece before me, with its soft pinks changing to scarlet, then into indigo and violet, finally merging and blending with turquoise and midnight blue fuelled my imagination. With my heart brimming with love, I let the joy flow into my artwork…

I played with different mediums and was inspired to create an “elements” felt beaded heart.

Every stone, every river, every lake has a local animating force – spirit

Our beautiful planet Earth is a sacred place and a sacred process, and we are very much part of it.

What an honor and privilege it is to be awakened to all it’s beauty, unconditional love and wonder. These last few days I have felt more ALIVE having spent time immersed in and around the elements, especially the water and its incredibly energy…I feel it’s spirit.

I invite you to immerse yourself in nature this weekend, reconnect with who and what you are and I promise you – you’ll feel more ALIVE; happier, healthier and more creative!

May you be blessed with good health and time to play with the elements, with love and deep appreciation, Marghanita x

“Creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.” – Sir Ken Robinson

Our Nature Art Program has a whole chapter on the Elements – check the program out here: Nature Art Online Program

We also run Nature Art Weekends in BC and other parts of the world. If you would like us to hold a Nature Art Weekend near you, please contact me for details.







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  1. Really gorgeous pictures! I agree with your sentiments about nature. I’ll try my best to reconnect with nature this weekend even though we, in Southern California, will be experiencing triple digit temps.
    Always love your inspirational posts!!

  2. We create the world as we are…
    We are made up of the éléments…
    We are,
    One In One As One 🙂
    Made up of star-dust, the cosmic beauty in human formation..
    Life is a celebration of that Lively Breath we aller Share on this wonderful Journey together!
    Thank You Marghanita
    Love Love Love

    We are All One

  3. The great healer, Mother Nature and all her wisdom is a blessing, indeed. I love your spirit, your creativity, and your poetic being, Marghanita! You are a gift to the time in which we live. 🙂

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