If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change


The flowers spoke in a million colours, dancing gracefully like paper angels. I wrote this in my journal last night after photographing the Irises in the garden.

How often do we stop to appreciate the miracle before us, such as the intricate detail of the Iris or the simplicity of the daisy.  “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change” – Buddha



Investigating colour, shape and texture in nature

Today we chose the Iris flower. Their spirits dancing joyously in the gentle spring breeze…their love and beauty had us mesmerized.. Each flower a miracle, a gift to us all – to enjoy.



Undoubtedly – nature is the best art gallery in the world…a most spectacular display of purity, soul and intricate detail…each flower a masterpiece gifting immense joy – their divine light invited our spirits to dance.



Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature – Gerard de Nerval



Plants offer students infinite learning opportunities (and adults too) –  only last night did I discover that the Iris flower takes its name from the Greek word for a rainbow, which is also the name for the Greek goddess of the rainbow.

My special needs students loves rainbows so sharing this information with her this morning offered further investigation and many hours of creative nature play.

Iris the Greek Rainbow Goddess

We began with a walk around the garden – Elise touched and smelled the Iris flowers. Several had broken stems so we cut them free and placed them in a vase, keeping one for Elise to study up-close.






Elise really captured the full vibrancy of the Iris colours.




Elise then drew her Rainbow Goddess and used Iris petals for wings, allowing Iris the rainbow goddess to fly – how adorable!




Investigating Texture



Petal Pressing

Using several Iris petals Elise placed them onto her piece of canvas fabric. She also added one smaller flower she had picked earlier. We say thank you for each flower we take and only take what we need.




Carefully she folded over the remaining fabric. Elise then used a rock to hammer the flowers – soon the colour bled into the fabric. The hammering was noisy –  Elsie declared she was making music!



Separating the fabric is such an exciting time – uncovering a masterpiece  – she wished to make another for her sister – this time it was a much thinner strip of canvas – perfect for a bookmark.




Later after our snack, we walk down to the lake – Elise loves the water. We are hunting for a piece of driftwood to hang her beautiful flower canvas print.

Doesn’t take her long to find a stick which becomes a fishing rod for a while.  We catch some fish and splash around in the water…

Every Child’s Spirit Blossoms in Nature



There is nowhere more magical than the outdoors!

Later, Elise finds a perfect piece of driftwood and attaches the flower canvas to it….



These rich, authentic experiences in nature nurture a deep love and respect for the natural world and gift us a better understanding of ourselves and how we too are part of nature.

If you would like to learn more about our Nature Art Therapy Program or join us for a Nature Art Workshop locally or we can come to you.  Or join our international online community- simply leave a message or email me direct – we would love you to join us at Educating the Heart with Nature Art

Wishing you all a magical and enchanting week in nature, with love and gratitude Marghanita x

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