Slow down

Many of us feel over worked, over whelmed and stressed out; experiencing a real sense of disconnection with the natural world.

When we feel like this its a sign to look at our priorities and make some changes.

As we rush through our lives, it’s easy to lose focus on what is really important.

I am in my home city (Edinburgh) for a few months and missing the freedom and tranquility of my wild space back in BC. However, yesterday, I found a fairly quiet spot, away from the heavy traffic and took time out to sketch and doodle – as I do, when I want to find answers.



Sitting outside, listening to the birds twittering amidst the bare limbs of a Silver birch, I am reminded how nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

As my pencil dances across the paper, a tree appears. When I sit back and glance at it, I realise the roots are not long and strong enough, they need to go down deep, deep into the soil.



I then begin a new sketch, this time I draw two figures dancing as one and they become the tree – free flowing, dancing in harmony with the wild wind.




If we are still and quiet, we can observe nature uninterrupted, experiencing the little miracles, the wonders and joy. We need to make time so to nurture our innerself and when we do, our roots grow deeper. Like the tree, if we are deeply rooted in nature, we can bend in the wind and let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.



Find peace in the joy of taking time to give to yourself. If we slow down and go with the flow – we grow!

Make self care a priority. Enjoying the journey instead of rushing to get to a finish line.



This weekend, I invite you to slow down and take a walk in nature and let her music and poetry quench your soul. Watch the video below:


With love and gratitude – Marghanita x

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