Snow Moon

Did you know February’s full moon is called snow moon?

I love the different moon names gifted to each month – I find it magical and inspiring. Moon names trace back to First Nations and helped tribes keep track of the seasons, according to the Farmer’s Almanac.

Moon Gazing

Children are fascinated by the moon

Enjoy the Full Moon this evening – gazing up at a night sky filled with stars will bring out the wonder and awe in your child.

As the silvery moon casts its light amongst the countless twinkling stars, their imagination will dance along side them as it expands into the infinite possibilities that the cosmos invites us to explore…


These magical moments in nature feed our soul and nurture our creativity

Lets paint the moon…

The power of nature – our illuminating moon

Her peaceful smile speaks to my heart – whispers of love have my spirit dancing. Spellbound by her illuminating beauty, I am reminded of our own illuminating beauty and how each one of us radiates our own unique love and light.
Radiant and joyous in her fullness, her joy gifts me joy, her peace gifts me peace. She is balanced and complete, I feel balanced and complete. Wild and free, yet deeply connected – a oneness so pure and true. 

In her fullness, she lights up the pathway – helping us to see more clearly.
Full of gratitude, I tiptoe back inside, moonbeams flood the room – my heart full of love and appreciation, my spirit dancing as I begin to draw…Luna

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you manage to spend a little time outdoors this weekend, experiencing the wonder and beauty of the natural world – what a priviledge it is to witness such wonders, with love and gratitude, peace Marghanita x


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