Soulful Art – Spring Awakening

Spring is playing with my soul – the colourful birds have arrived gifting immense joy and their song has my spirit dancing. The buds on the bare trees are tempted to to burst forth with new life, yet holding back, knowing the frost is still looming..but I cannot wait, my whole being is bursting with excitement of the birth of spring and all its splendor, the energy of new life and splashes of vibrant colour…..

Paint from your soul

Paint, draw, sing, dance, write about what moves you. To access what moves you, allow the child within to play and to feel.

I open the back door and let the purity of the bird song fill the room and let my heart and soul paint….

My heart overflows with love for our Mother Earth, for the bird song and the trees, the rain and the sunshine, the whispering wind and the rich soil –  where I will plant seeds over the coming weeks.

Full of love and gratitude for our oneness, our inter-connectedness. I cherish that feeling of being connected to all life..

We are one

Know you are deeply loved

Wishing you all a beautiful and creative Spring …how blessed we are to witness such beauty and feel the love that emanates from all of life, with love and deep gratitude Marghanita x

Nature Art is a pathway to human health and happiness

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