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Connecting the child to Mother Earth’s Heart

Do you wish to connect your children, your students to Mother Earth’s Heart. Do you wish to foster a deep love and connection with nature? Encourage your students to explore and celebrate their unique sense of creativity?

When we reawaken to the wonders of nature, we feel a new lease of life. We begin to feel happier and healthier.

“We Inter-breath with the rain forests, we drink from the oceans. They are part of our own body” – Thich Nhat Hanh

As our love affair (intimacy) with the natural world deepens, so too, does our understanding of our interconnectedness.

The joy that comes with this new understanding and appreciation of our deep rooted connection with nature can be expressed through our art providing an even deeper love.

A love we wish to share with others…

Educating the Heart through Nature Art is an art program designed for both city kids and country kids. It helps children discover the wonder and adventure that can be found everywhere. Explores the inspiring world of nature – wherever you live.

Learning through play with nature

On our Journey we will be focusing on nature and creativity. Rediscovering our deep rooted connection with the natural world and recognizing our interconnectedness with all living things.

Throughout the program you will learn how to actively engage children with nature activities through meaningful and soulful art projects, planting seeds that lead to a life long journey of love and compassion.

“Creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.” – Sir Ken Robinson,

Love   Joy   Peace

Peace, joy and imaginative play become life’s constant companions when the heart dances
in harmony with nature. You can view the full 12 chapters here: NATURE ART PROGRAM

Watch the video:

PURCHASE TODAY FOR ONLY $249.00 (Normal Price $349.00)

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