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ARE YOU THAT TEACHER who wishes to connect your students to Mother Earth’s Heart. Do you wish to foster a deep love and connection with nature? Encourage your students to explore and celebrate their unique sense of creativity? Watch the video:

We would love you to join us at  Educating the Heart and are excited to offer you a special Spring discount of 20% off our Internationally acclaimed Nature Art Program.

A saving of $100  Full online course just $249 (normal price: $349) – Offer ends June 25th 2017

Educating the Heart through Nature Art is a 12-chapter journey that walks educators through a series of exercises and activities designed to open the mind and heart, and draw on the many benefits of creative play in nature.

Educating the heart provides solutions for educators, parents and organizations wishing to rediscover the joys of teaching and reconnect children with the natural world.

These art activities engage children with nature in a way that develops a quest for knowledge, a foundation of respect and gratitude, and an appreciation for all life. This exciting nature art program can be infused into your current:

  • school curriculum
  • after-school program
  • nature art therapy practice
  • summer camp
  • health and wellness practice

Rediscover the wonder and adventure that can be found in nature. Our exciting nature art program offers a diverse learning experience for all age groups in any location around the world.

Read what others are saying about the program:

“I started Marghanita’s amazing nature course last summer and would highly recommend this fantastic program to everyone looking to further children’s connection with mother nature. This course brings out the true meaning of our world on such a beautifully enlightening level. Every time I receive a new chapter the children’s faces light up with excitement into another fascinating adventure with the great outdoors. Marghanita is just such a breath of fresh air and an inspiration to everyone who comes across her delightfully well prepared lessons. I would highly recommend this course and find it fantastic!!!!!”
Nancy O’Neil- Preschool teacher – British Columbia

“When I read about Marghanita’s Educating the Heart with Nature Art online, I was drawn to her deep connection with nature and the abundance of joy it brings to the children through nature art. My relationship with my children is strengthened through the activities. I also integrate some activities with my workshops for children and families in Singapore. Recently, I introduced pebble art in my workshop for children with autism. Their age is between 6 and 18. Through pebble art, my participants displayed their unique perspectives and I have learnt so much about their inner world of creativity. It brings out the spontaneous beauty of nature, love and art. I highly recommend this online programme for educators, parents and anyone who interact with children. Thank you for bringing so much joy, love and support in the work we do, Marghanita. “- Angela Tan, Founder of Universe Arts, Singapore

“I have loved receiving your beautiful lessons. I have been able to incorporate your ideas into my mindfulness classes at my K-5 school and am interested in receiving those lessons to come.” – Angela D’Entremont – Gauidance Cousellor – NB, Canada

“I am so excited with my stick people, since I made them and introduced them to my kids we have been playing with them everyday. All the kids participated in the activity and enjoyed picking up sticks and leaves to create their unique stick people. Some of them used recyclable materials like used pompoms that they found in our classroom instead of clay. I am ready to move on to the next chapter. There are so many things to learn in each one of them. Thank you so much for sharing Marghanita” – Salti Theodora –  Preschool teacher – Greece and Sweden

“Received my first chapter – Pdf read and video watched. I feel your spirit like a gentle bird in the forest, happy and free. Thank-you. Off to find my stick!” – Hannah Pheng, Malaysia

“I have done the previous chapters myself and am going to share the learning with my Environment Leaders following our Autumn break – so nice to be outdoors more with the children as they begin their journey through nature art” – Lynne Millson-Fitzgerald, teacher,  Sydney Australia

“Your course is a complement to my way of life and allows me to continue nourishing the moments in which I work with students and my own children”– Eli, Summer camp teacher – Costa Rica

Join us today for only $249 and be the change you wish to see in the world.

Offer ends June 25th 2017


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