Storytelling is a fundamental form of human communication

We are all storytellers, sadly though, today in our fast paced technologically driven modern world, storytelling is being forgotten. That’s why I love to support organizations that help raise awareness of the importance of sharing our stories and storytelling. Last week was National Storytelling Week in the UK so today I would like to share a few little stories with you, that inspired my storytelling career and invite you to share your stories here too…

Growing up with nature

The landscape, environment in which you find yourself becomes part of who you are. I was fortunate to have parents who loved the outdoors and immersed my 3 brothers and myself in the wilds of Scotland; camping, hill walking, tree climbing and rock hunting were all part of our weekend adventures.

We played all day, every day, outdoors in nature

These rich, authentic experiences in these wild natural places stayed with me, embedded in my soul

Nature Play

When I play with nature – it’s a natural, organic exploration, something I have done since I was a small child and that need to play with nature has never left me. A fallen branch becomes a stick person…

Play is the free expression of what is in a child’s soul

Living in the Scottish highlands, with my husband and 3 children, I was inspired to write “Toffee the Highland Cow” after observing the playfulness of the little highland calves that grazed in the field next to our cottage.

Watch the videos…


When we moved to BC Canada, it was witnessing my own children’s awe and wonder of our new adopted landscape, chasing giant swallowtail butterflies, mesmerized by the acrobatic dragonflies, in the surrounding beauty of the majestic Ponderous Pine forests, I was inspires to create “The Little Humbugs” – half human, half bug – protectors of nature.

Since the world was young, and for as long as Mother Nature can remember, Butterfly Girls and Dragonfly Boys have danced happily amongst her wild flowers and towering trees. These little Humbugs have always been with her. Through the hardest times, they have been there; never failing to take care of her.

Little Humbugs are strong, sensitive and caring beings. They have always felt responsible for the creatures they share their world with; especially those that are unable to take care of themselves. The little Humbugs are the Protectors of Nature.

Shortly followed by Orange Moon, influenced greatly by the North American Indian philosophies that resonated so much with my own beliefs.

Watch the video:

Thanks to my parents, I have never felt a separation from nature. I have always felt a deep connection with the natural world, that connection has grown deeper and more intimate with age. I always had the desire to share the joy of creating art, and the awe and wonder of nature, with children; it has become my life’s work.


“Storytelling is a fundamental form of human communication. We create stories out of life experiences as a way of making sense of what has happened to us.” – Robert Atkinson

Returning to Scotalnd last year brought back wonderful memories…

…and gifted new ones; interweaving the past, present and future I feel another story immerging (from my experiences) for my little Scottish fairy Isla….(will share in a later post)

We all have a story to tell

Since the first cave paintings were discovered, telling stories has been one of our most fundamental communication methods.

I absolutely love helping others to bring out their stories, through creative exploration in and with nature.

Storytelling with stick people – grade 1

I would like to invite you to join us at Educating the Heart in person at one of our workshops.

If you cannot join us in person, why not join us on line with our International On line Nature Art Program


One of our popular PDF booklets maybe of interest to you: Storytelling with Nature: STICK PEOPLE


Making stick people and creating stories with our creations helps renew our inner spirit and rewaken our sense of wonder – rekindling our love affair with the natural world. Storytelling with nature gets us  back in touch with ourselves, the land, and our cultural roots.

Please do share your stories here, we would love to hear from you.

Wishing you all a beautiful and creative weekend, with oodles of storytelling, love and gratitude Marghanita x

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