Why not take a break from technology and spend sometime in nature this weekend. I have selected a few videos and posts to inspire….

Even in the city we can get intimate with nature – watch the video:

Take a hike – visit your local regional park – watch the video:

Go in search of a waterfall – watch the video:

If you live in an area where fires are still causing you to stay indoors – why not bring nature into the home. The Saskatoon Bush is a favourite of mine at this time of year…At Home with Nature

Instead of typing away on your computer, use your hands to create something from nature.

Why not celebrate Red Squirrel week by making your very own clay squirrel – How to make a clay Squirrel

Have you ever played conkers? How do you make conkers? Find out here – watch the video:

Hot Rocks make great gifts for loved ones!

– watch the video: How to make Hot Rocks

Play in the leaves

and make land art with them

Collect a few fallen branches…

..and build a fairy home – FREE PDF HERE – Build a Den and Fairy Home

or make some stick people – Storytelling with Nature

Or simply hug a tree or snuggle up in a blanket and watch the stars appear. The possibilities are infinite. I do hope you feel inspired.

I promise you, any of the above ,will make you feel good, really good!

Wishing you all a beautiful and playful weekend in nature, love and peace Marghanita xxx

If you would like to learn more about our Nature Art Program please visit NATURE ART

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