“I am really loving the program: philosophy, methods, materials, videos and there is much more that I could list.”

Petra Zaloznik , Forest Kindergarten Owner, Slovenia

Thanks Marghanita. I have done some of the previous chapters myself and am going to share the learning with my Environment Leaders following our Autumn break.

Lynne – Educator Australia

“Educating the Heart Through Nature Art is a wonderfully inspiring and creative on-line course. Through beautiful photos, informative videos, and words that flow like poetry in nature, students are encouraged to learn new techniques and create art at their own pace. Marghanita Hughes does an excellent job of passing on her love of nature and fun, engaging activities, along with practical advice in providing nature art experiences with children.”
Shannon Carnegie, Preschool Owner, USA

I am really enjoying the program – The readings are inspirational, the practical ideas are great and I love the videos. My journey stick is still evolving and I am learning more about myself and my own relationship with nature. I am also gaining in confidence in terms of my own artistic abilities, an area that I have always enjoyed but not felt very competent in.

Cheryl, ECE New Zealand

I loved the pdf’s and the video’s! The words were singing in my heart! I haven’t realised how much I gain by walking barefoot. Walking meditation…
..today I will start creating my journey stick. You will receive pics soon. Thank you very much for sharing and being an important part of my journey!! I consider you as my mentor.

Dorina, Kindergarten teacher – From Greece teaching in Sweden

I absolutely loved Marghanita’s workshop! Her vision of connecting children to their natural environment through art and personal expression was clear and inspiring.
Simple, creative, and engaging!
Julie Sweetnam, ECE, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

My name is Maria and I am from Spain. I’m taking the “Educating the Heart through Nature Art” online programme because I love what Marghanita does and specially where she does it from. I truly appreciate her dedication in each chapter; the carefulness in the pictures, words and explanations. There’s no time to finish it, just suggestions and that’s great to organize yourself, listen to you and do it whenever you feel like connecting with the moment and the chapter.
Since I met her, Marghanita is always willing to help, collaborate and create connections all over the wolrd engaging you and nourishing your work. Thanks a lot, Marghanita for this programme, for the work you do every day and show the magical connection between nature and children. Hugs

Maria Mayorga, SPAIN

“Peace in the heart, vitality, awe…some of the things I want my kids to feel. Things that nature nurtured in me. A cool breeze on a warm day, the sparkle of fresh dewdrops on morning grass, the quiet reflection of the setting sun and a powerful emotion evoked by the smell of dry earth after a soft rainfall.
My kids loved Marghanita’s Nature classes. Thank you so much Marghanita for awakening this in my kids and setting their imagination free.
The wonderment on their faces after each new critter found under a rock in our garden – testimony of their happiness.”
Sue Robinson (Parent)