The Beauty of a Moment

Over the course of the next few months I will be writing and illustrating a new book for my children’s book series Orange Moon. I have had so much fun with my Orange Moon doll that I intend to tell part of the story through her adventures, infusing photography into the illustrated book. As with all my books, I will be incorporating soulful, nature based art activities related to the storybook.

Here is a short excerpt from the first chapter…

The Beauty of a Moment 

Orange Moon sat patiently awaiting the bird’s arrival. There had been a lot of rainfall the night before filling the wheelbarrow to the brim, creating a most luxurious bath and drinking station for her feathered friends. She could hear their sweet song in the distance like a tingling of tiny bells.

The gentle spring breeze rocked her gently back and forth on her tree swing.

She noticed the golden daffodils were swaying too, dancing majestically just as the birds arrived for an early morning dip. Sparrows sang to each other as they took turns to bathe in Orange Moons wheelbarrow.


The soothing rhythm of nature spoke to Orange Moons heart. She closed her eyes and thanked the birds and the flowers for their beautiful colour and playfulness, for their enchanting music and poetry and for filling her heart with so much happiness.

Let us not be in such a hurry that we miss the beauty of the moment” 


I am so excited at the infinite possibilities for nature play and nature art activities this little story can offer and inspire…can’t wait to share.

Wishing you all a beautiful week in nature, with love Marghanita x


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