The Birth of Spring – Can you feel it?


The birth of Spring has me spellbound; the burst of colourful blooms, the scent of dewy grass, the angelic bird song…


…so pure and joy-filled – the vibrance of Spring has a magical way of making our spirit dance and our hearts sing.


Spring is when life is alive in everything.


What Spring delights are you encountering in your neck of the woods? Are you heading into Autumn? No matter what the season – nature play is every day!

At Educating the Heart we have a few Spring nature art activities to share with you:


“Nature inspires creativity in a child by demanding visualization and the full use of the senses” Richard Louv – Last Child in the Woods


  • Spring blossoms provide endless sensory experiences for children. Here is a favourite in our outdoor classrooms: Petal Potions


  • Have you made a Fairy House this year yet? Spring is a perfect time to get creative with fairy homes. Here is my FREE Booklet on Fairy Homes and Dens


  • Tree pruning in Spring offers little sticks and branches for Storytelling in nature with nature: STICK PEOPLE.  This magical nature based art activity is hugely popular with all ages. Here is a wonderfully inspiring PDF booklet and video on How to Make Stick People, Storybooks, lesson plans and much more : Storytelling Booklet


A special Spring offer for all my friends: if you wish to join us on the NATURE ART PROGRAM we are offering a 15% DISCOUNT on all March sign ups. Just email me direct on : to register for your special discount.

I love the blossom trees, my little Tweed fairy seemed very much at home in the peach and cherry blossoms. The blossom trees symbolize hope and beauty and new beginnings which I wish for you all this Spring, love and peace Marghanita x

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