The Blending of Colours

This morning I was gifted the presence of a rather exquisite being.

His vibrant colours popped out among the new growth of spring foliage.

I love colour!

The pheasants colours were mesmerizing. The deep vibrance of his head and neck colours complementing the blending of his body plumage colours, created a living, walking masterpiece.

The main colour of his body is a ‘blend “ of warm browns/ochres, but speckled by dark tips on the feather ends, and his neck is a “blend” of iridescent blues.
An intense red patch around his golden eye, the white collar on his shimmering neck, and off white beak, are all eye catching because of their “contrast” with the subdued ( blended ) browns of his body.

Nature blends colour so effortlessly don’t you think?

Evoking abundant joy, this dashingly handsome creature invited me to create and celebrate. I rummaged through my mothers art box and found oil pastels.

Oil pastels blend brilliantly. They are messy and that’s part of the fun. There is something quite raw and freeing about smudging and merging the colours together.

Madly in love with Mother Earth

Full of gratitude for the abundant love, joy and wonder, Mother Earth shares with me each and every day.

These magical, sacred moments in nature, make our hearts sing and our spirits dance. They evoke immense joy, ignite the imagination and invite creativity.

Why not let Mother Nature speak to your heart this weekend. Be inspired and get creative, I promise your spirit will be dancing!

Know you are deeply loved, peace Marghanita x

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