The Gentleness of Deer

Purity and innocence in it’s truest form, the soulful eyes of the deer look back at me, wild and yet timid – curious like a child. I am deeply moved.

The playful little twin fawns were fluffy, the dappling of their coats, fading as they grow.

How Graceful, How Gentle,How Peaceful

This young one was very curious, tentatively moving forward.

The eyes are the window to the soul

Anyone who knows me – knows how much I love these enchanting beings. Deer have been ever present in my life’s journey. Back in Scotland they were a mystery – never really managing to get close enough to share eye contact. Here in BC, the deer have been with us on this beautiful journey. High in the mountain where we lived for 2 years, we would share breakfast and dinner with large groups of deer, they were great teachers and I continue to learn from these souldful creatures.

Where we live now, the deer wander in the forest area in the backyard and through the orchard next to us. This is where I photographed them yesterday – they are not great photos – they did however capture a moment to share with you all.

Deer Gift Abundant Joy, Peace and Gentleness

Of course the best photographs are captured in my heart, one to one, soul to soul – precious and sacred and always available to view.

Deer are an constant inspiration for my artwork.

Just to be in the presence of these soulful beings- to share sacred moments of oneness is such a gift.  A beautiful reminder to be gentle with one another and to be gentle on ourselves…

Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday, know you are deeply loved, peace Marghanita x

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