The greatest joy of art is self-expression


Freedom of Individuality

I have never stopped playing and my favourite place to play is outdoors in nature. I let my imagination lead me on a journey…today, it was the Queen Anne Lace dancing majestically in the autumn sunshine that whispered to my heart, calling my spirit to play.



The intricate detail of the flower head had me spellbound..



Even in their process of decay – each dry flower head gifted immense beauty.



“Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination.” – Voltaire.


When playing with nature, my greatest tool is my imagination. These flower heads will make the most magical fairy dresses.



The process of creating gives the greatest joy. What fun I had making this little being.



Storytelling is part of what makes us human. Storytelling helps bring us together.



I love creating characters with natural materials. The process gifts me immense joy and I love sharing these enchanting adventures with my students both young and old. By providing students the opportunity to explore, hunt and gather natural items found in nature, then inviting them to create their very own character or creature to tell their unique story, helps nurture a deep love and respect for each other and the natural world. Storytelling is what holds us together, and what makes us human.



The greatest joy of art is self-expression




During every season nature gifts us abundant treasure.  Autumn is such an amazing time to play in nature with nature– offering hours of creative adventures with the treasure we find. Please remeber to be mindful when collecting from nature. Always say thank you and take only what you need.

This is a good time to collect for winter activities when all of the treasure will be hidden under snow.

Nature Art is Good for the Heart, Body, Mind and Soul

Making stick people and creating stories with our creations helps renew our inner spirit and rewaken our sense of wonder – rekindling our love affair with the natural world.

Wishing you all oodles of joy-filled nature play this week. Happy Wednesday, with love and gratitude on this sacred new day, Marghanita x


If you would like to learn more about storytelling with nature or purchase the ebook on Storytelling with Nature – Stick People – click here for more details – Storytelling with Nature
Warning: Please note, the Queen Ann Lace should not be mistaken for hemlock or the notoriously poisonous Hog Weed – this is a much larger plant 6ft, the lace only grows 3ft in height.  Never touch the hog weed, it causes serious blisters and the sap can cause blindness if it comes in contact with you eyes.There are so many wonderful treasures avilabale at this time of year, however we must be very careful what to handle.


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