The Joy of Learning

Dearest Marghanita,

When I first started the Nature Art online program I wanted to reconnect with nature and the inner child hidden in me. Moreover, as a young educator I was at that time, I did not know from where to start the teaching process.

Following each and every chapter of your program I get to know myself better and I am able to offer to my kids magical classes full of joy and creativity. Classes in which I find myself in. Thank you so much for everything you offered to me so far during this journey. You have been a great teacher of mine. đŸ™‚

I would like to share with you the experience we had with my kids during our first outing for this academic year. After feeding the ducks at the lake and touching the trees saying good morning to them, we observed the birds, ants and butterflies which live around them. We used our senses to smell the flowers, listened to the wind whispering to our ears while dancing among the leaves and listened to the birds singing to us.

We observed the shadows of the trees and the shadows of our body. We balanced on a dinosaurs’ tail (a rock which looked like a dinosaur’s tail) and with our imagination we saw Sami Snake (Letterland character) on a tree trunk which looked like letter S. The kids were so excited of their findings! We touched some soft soil. And we noticed that the rocks are heavy (introduction to gravity).

We asked ourselves what the flowers and trees eat. The kids replied : the trees eat water, sun, wind and soil. How cute!! What does the trees gives us? The kids replied: Fruits, papers, sticks for our activities, clean air to breath, beautiful leaves. We rounded off the outing by playing hide and seek with the sun. We also tried to make some food by using flowers and we decided that the following day we will go to search for “happy stones”!

During our second outing after the “stone hunting” we came back to school with our beautiful stones. The kids painted their stones, transforming them into rainbows, animals, trees and people.

It was the most amazing kick off the new school year and I felt the need to say Thank you cause I think you helped me a lot to create this atmosphere.
I am going through the chapter nature’s beauty cultivates gratitude and I really feel that I don’t want this program to be over.

Best Regards,

Your student


Dorina is an educator from Greece teaching in Sweden


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