The Magic of Nature Play

The rubyred trumpet shaped flowers danced majestically in the warm breeze inviting me to play – I couldn’t resist such a charming invitation – instantly I imagined a little being, fashioning a ruby red skirt with matching bell-shaped hat.

Nature is always inviting us to play, sing and dance with her – to celebrate her beauty, wonder and abundant love.

As a child, I had the freedom to explore the garden, play hide and seek among the bushes and trees, to explore the neighborhood and discover the magic! The hidden secrets, mysteries, the treasures such as the fairy trumpet hats gifted from the Weigela blooms or the driftwood that morphed into snakes, fairy wands and giant dens; or the ancient pebbles and their sacred stories they wished to share with me.

Today I am still that child, seeking out the treasure, finding the magic….wondering, imagining!

Creating something from nature, like a little fairy being from the Bristol Ruby Weigela blooms – makes my heart sing and spirit dance as I lose myself in the world of imagination.

The creative exploration is magical – joy-filled and leads me onto wanting to know more about the Weigela bush and her little visitors.

Plant Study

I wonder about the humming birds that visit as I sketch the bush in all its glory. I wonder where the hummingbirds maybe nesting and what might they think of my little Ruby being…

Come dance with me…

Let’s Go Play!

As adults, we have a responsibility to provide the children in our lives – opportunities to run wild and free, to play among the flowers, the trees, the Ruby Weigela and find the treasure, to experience the magic the natural world has to offer.

Playing among the trees and bushes

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Nature Art Program – Flower Study

Wishing you all a beautiful and creative Thursday, with love and gratitude Marghanita x

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