The Travelling Mini Me

My last class with my special needs student Elise was bitter-sweet – I felt sad and very emotional as it was not only our last class of the term but the last class for a long, long time… Elise and her family are leaving BC but I am super happy to know they are embarking on a new life in Ontario.  I have had the pleasure of knowing this beautiful family for over 7 years now. Elise’s older sister, Lilianne attended my nature art classes way back in 2010 and has been coming to summer art camp ever since. She joined us on our last art therapy session. We made journey sticks and went for our last hike in the forest and down by the lake.



As a parting gift, I wished to make something special for the girls that they could engage with on their journey across Canada.



So I decided to make a little Elise doll and a little Lilianne doll with a little blank booklet so they could write and illustrate their adventures as they unfold over the coming weeks.





Elise loves rainbows and unicorns and her favourite colours are purple and red so I made a rainbow top for her doll and purple skirt with red shoes.


Mini Me

Lilianne’s favourite colours are torquise and teal…when Liianne first held her doll, she said, “look mummini me!”



Meet mini Elise and mini Lilianne….



They left on Saturday 23rd June…here are just a few of their little adventures so far….

Mini me in Alberta…in Saskatchewan…a campground with mini trees…



I feel incredibly blessed to have shared the past 7 years with these beautiful, creative little beings and what a joy it is to share in their new adventure with them – through their mini Me’s!



Happy travels, with love and gratitude on this sacred new day, peace Marghanita x


Storytelling with nature has featured a lot in Elise’s nature art therapy sessions. Storytelling with nature offers children ways to express their feelings in a most beautiful, natural way. If you would like to learn more about our Nature Art Therapy Program or our Natre Art Online Program contact me via email or leave a message below.








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