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Trees are the givers of breath – what could be more important. I believe these sacred giants need to be remembered and celebrated in order for their survival and our own. The most beautiful and authentic way to do this is by forming a relationship with the trees. I always had the desire to share the joy of creating art, and the awe and wonder of nature, with children; it has become my life’s work.



I would like to introduce you to my latest creation…

The Little Tree Protectors



The Trees need your help – your simple, yet sacred quest is to create a little stick Gnome (a tree protector) to watch over the trees near where you live.

This is a fun and enchanting way to help kids get to know the trees in their local neighborhood. This simple, playful, nature based art activity helps nurture a loving relationship with the trees. I believe if we inspire a love for nature in a child, it will lead to a desire to protect it.



Each gnome kit contains everything you need to make a tree gnome, including a small blank story-booklet (inviting children to draw and illustrate stories about their little gnome) wool/yarn, embroidery thread, felt and instructions, the only thing missing, is the fallen branch or piece of driftwood.




The Preciousness of Imagination


Once the child has created their very own Tree Protector Gnome which involves hunting for a fallen branch, using their imagination, sewing, painting and drawing, they are then invited to embark on yet another outdoor adventure – finding a tree for their gnome to protect.




  • Investigating local trees through observation
  • Learning how to sew simple stiches
  • Storytelling orally and through illustration
  • Forming a beautiful and loving relationship with the natural world



Purchase your very own gnome kit today – $8.00 (plus $5 P+P) – total price $12.99

Only $12.99

Price includes postage and packaging



(Please note: you require to find a fallen branch and a darning needle, these items are not included in the kit)





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  1. You have such amazing teaching and storytelling tools on here! I am with the Environmental Education Association of IL and was wondering if you might consider making a donation of resources to our annual silent auction that supports our grant program. The auction is coming up on March 22 as a part of our major statewide EE professional development conference. We would be honored to help promote your work in exchange for the donation.

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