Trees Matter

“We live in a world shattered by the avalanche of information, entertainment and distraction provided by the digital revolution. But in this turbulent world, we neglect real people and the rest of nature.”– David Suzuki

I wholeheartedly agree with David, we are so busy – we miss the real beauty and joy that is around us.

All children need to be given the opportunity to develop a love for the natural world. One of the simplest ways to develop a love for nature is by spending time among the trees. When children engage with trees, they wonder, touch, climb, smell and observe. The natural world awakens their imagination and creativity flourishes. Time spent among the trees excites and calms the soul and a beautiful and lasting relationship is formed between the children and the trees.

How to Nurture a Relationship with Trees

In this PDF Booklet “TREES” you will discover how children (of all ages) find trees a great source of inspiration and comfort. Through playful and meaningful nature based art activities, we can help nurture a loving and respectful relationship between our children and the trees in our local environment and beyond.


Purchase your copy of E Booklet TREES – How to Nurture a Relationship with Trees


Only  $19.99 (This is a PDF Booklet 145 pages)

Nurturing a loving relationship with the trees through soulful Nature Art. Here are just a few of the beautiful nature art activities (for all ages) we explore throughout the chapter.

  • Learning the Language of Trees
  • Exploring with Driftwood – Dragonfly puppets
  • Storytelling with Tree Gnomes
  • Investigating Canadian Artist Emily Carr – Movement of Trees
  • Mixed Media Birch Trees
  • Willow Crowns
  • The Mighty Oak and so much more


And the Ponderosa Pine…

This is my “Ponderosa Spirit”  a life sized Sculpture of the majestic Ponderosa Pine – just another enchanting art activity to explore with your students.

We would love you to join us at Educating the Heart with Nature Art. Here is an opportunity to experience the joy of learning through nature art. Purchase this single chapter today for just $19.99

Only  $19.99 (This is a PDF Booklet 145 pages)

Trees are Sacred – We need to devote much more to their survival to enable ours.


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