UNPLUGGED – Wild and Free

I have just returned from an amazing week on a friends Organic Olive Farm.

Our friendship began when we discovered each other online through our personal blogs- sharing our love of connecting children with nature.
Last week was the first time I met Jeanene in person having known her for almost 10 years and what a joy it was to spend this sacred time with her and her beautiful family. With no computer or cellphone and no Internet connection – (other than letting my husband know I had arrived safely and when I was departing)…I was totally unplugged.

My home for the week was an airstream and 130 acres to explore…

view from the airstream

What was really special was that I had the most beautiful children to show me around this enchanting land and where the best places were to hang out.

Bamboo fun…

The creek being my favourite…

Painting and sketching the natural environment with these earth children was bliss.

Completely at one with their environment

We were Born to be Creative

In the natural environment, there is an abundance of wonder, beauty and love…inviting us to explore our creativity, our feelings, emotions….the natural world nourishes the soul. We all have an innate need to be creative – we were born to be creative. Here we have the freedom to choose whatever we wish to paint or draw – whatever we wish to explore, uncover, feel, learn more about. Sadly, our school systems tend to focus more on accademics and testing and introducing technology to an even younger generation, which is harmful. Children rarely have that freedom to express themselves creatively – especially outdoors in nature.

When we deprive our children of these rich, authentic multi-sensory experiences that feed the soul, nourishing the whole child, their health and wellbeing suffer….so many children are suffering – that’s why I do what I do….

No computers, no cellphones, no technology – just pure, organic nature play!

This sacred time away from technology made me realise how sensitive I am to the EMF’s that I am exposed to on a daily basis back home….my headaches, blurry vision and sinus all flared up as soon as I returned to working on the computer – time to make some changes.

Even low-frequency EMFs cause various neurological and psychiatric problems in people. There is a link between EMF exposure and changes in human nerve function throughout the body.

Here is a link to a post that explains the dangers of EMF’s

I will be sharing some of these changes in blog posts over the coming months…

wishing you all a beautiful and creative weekend away from technology! With love and gratitude Marghanita xx

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