URBAN NATURE ART – Blossoms in Yale Town

I love visiting Vancouver, it’s always bursting with life, especially in Spring, providing oodles of inspiration for my work as an artist and an educator. I had a full day of workshops at a school in Kitsilano on Wednesday but had time on Tuesday afternoon to explore the city. Walking around I came across this magical sight of pink and white parasols in Yale Town .

Immediately I thought of cherry blossoms

I have no idea who installed this simple, yet stunningly gorgeous display but I am so very grateful, it truly made my heart sing and gifted inspiration for next months Urban Nature Art for Adults module.

Grateful to all the creative souls in the world – Thank you!!!!

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up” Picasso

Let me help you rekindle the creative child within – join us at Educating the Heart’s new Urban Nature Art Program for Adults.


Nature Art invites us to slow down and leave our daily stress and worries behind. This unique online program helps nurture the whole being – heart, body, mind and spirit, through simple, soulful nature based art activities, helping to bring harmony and balance back into our lives.

May the blossoms make your heart sing too! Wishing you all a beautiful and creative weekend, with love and gratitude on this sacred day, Marghanita x

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