Valentines Day – Rekindling a Love Affair with Nature

I dont really celebrate Valentines Day, however, this year I feel its an opportunity to unite on this Valentine’s Day to let us rekindle our Love Affair with Nature

The beautiful and inspiring Thich Nhat Hahn wrote ” Real change will happen only when we fall in love with our planet. Only love can show us how to live in harmony with nature and with each other and save us from the devastating effects of environmental destruction and climate change. When we recognise the virtues and talents of the earth, we feel connected to her and love is born in our hearts. We want to be connected.

That is the meaning of love: to be at one.

When you love someone, you want to take care of that person as you would take care of yourself. When we love like this, it’s reciprocal. We will do anything for the benefit of the earth and we can trust that she, in turn, will do everything in her power for our well-being.”

I wholeheartedly agree with Thich. Love is interwoven into every part of my life. The foundation of my work is based around love, love afterall is the beginning of everything!

The truth is young children are naturally intimate with nature.

The problem is a young child cannot venture out to a park or visit a city garden on their own. That’s why it’s so important that each one of us adults rekindles our own personal relationship with nature.

‘For a new generation, nature is more abstraction than reality. Increasingly, nature is something to watch, to consume, to wear – to ignore.’ – Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods

Here are just a few simple ways you can rekindle an intimate relationship with our beautiful Mother Earth

Take a walk in Nature – immerse yourself in nature – get intimate with nature (watch the video)

Focus in on Nature 

Stop and touch the flowers, smell their fragrant scent. Watch the bees and butterflies arrive. Marvel at the wonder around you in these amazing green spaces.

Hug a tree, I mean really hug a tree…

Take a deep breath in and exhale slowly and just relax into the tree. Close your eyes and gently whisper gratitude for the sacred gifts we receive from these beautiful beings.

Let Mother Earth’s Poetry Speak to Your Soul

Reawakening to the rhythmic secrets of the natural world helps rekindle our creativity

Be inspired by the greatest artist of all – watch a masterpiece evolve before your very eyes

Even in the city, Mother Earth will gift you a masterpiece with every sunset…each one unique and as beautiful as each of us.

Be playful

See the world through the eyes of children – run barefoot, climb a tree, sing with the birds, play hide and seek. Let the inner child loose – dance wild and free! If your excited about nature your children will be too!

Walk barefoot amongst our perfumed brothers and sisters

When we walk barefoot we automatically go slower. We become more observant of our surroundings. We begin to feel more connected, more grounded. For those of you with snow…you too can walk barefoot in the snow or use the snow as a blank canvas to create land art : Flowers in the Snow

When our hearts are fully open, love is everywhere!

Have you noticed there are love hearts everywhere – check out these seaweed hearts!

I love creating love hearts wherever I go…whether I am outdoors in nature with students…


Sharing the love…Love Hearts by Marghanita Hughes from Marghanita Hughes on Vimeo.

….or incorporating them in my illustrations, it is something that comes naturally – an innate need in me to share the love I feel within.

“The Creative Pulse within Us is God’s Creative Pulse Itself” – Joseph Chilton

Grateful to all the beautiful souls who have left footprints on my heart…and especially to my parents, who shared their love of the natural world with me, nurturing within me, a deep love and respect for all life.

Wishing you a beautiful and creative week ahead, with love and deep appreciation Marghanita x

Need more inspiration? Here is a FREE Nature Art Calendar – download here: CALENDAR 2017

If you would like to learn more about rediscovering your deep rooted connection with nature, you maybe interested in our Wild Nature Art Workshop Weekend or our online Nature Art Program



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