We Are All Beautiful – The Power of Storytelling

I believe we can all be storytellers and Mother Nature is the best storyteller of all. She also provides us with the most wonderful natural materials to explore, play with and help create our very own stories.

It’s through nature play that I discover more about myself, the environment in which I live and it’s where stories find me.

WATCH THE VIDEO and find out how stories can find you

My greatest tool is my imagination

Your imagination is the key to unlocking the magical stories hidden in nature. Each leaf, pebble, fallen branch has a hidden story…There are certain leaves, pebbles, feathers, rocks that you are destined to find – they contain a hidden story that only YOU can unlock!

I have never had to go looking for stories, they always find me….here is a simple example.

Having been away for a few days I arrived back to find this potato on the counter-top had grown a tail, on closer inspection I saw two eyes, a snout and there he was, my little potato pig….which I have named Pablico.



The child within has never left me, I am still that 8 year old full of wonder and excitment at the unknown, wanting to explore, discover and create and learn.



It is the creative exploration, the process, the journey that really matters, its the journey that nurtures the child’s heart and creative intelligence. It’s wonderful to create a beautiful product but it is the process that gifts us the most joy and feeds the soul.



From the Earth

Holding Pablico in my hands, I am so mesmerised by his magnificent tail…beautiful purple hearts cascading from a vibrant green waterfall.



I am excited to draw Pablico, the first little sketch helps his story to unfold. I decide to give him extra long legs. With his magnificent tail and long legs he looks very different to all the other pigs. This is his story he wishes to share with others. It is okay to look different. We are all unique, we are all beautiful no matter how we look. It is our differences that make us unique.



“Our similarities bring us to a common ground; our differences allow us to be fascinated by each other”

– Tom Robbins



Here is a brief summary of Pablico’s story.

Pablico the pig had a very unusually tail – he had beautiful purple hearts sprouting from his tail and had very long legs almost as long as a giraffe. All the other pigs made fun of him. This made Pablico very sad.

One day locusts flew in and ate up all the ground food and the pigs began to get hungry, Pablico with his very long legs was able to reach the fruit trees and shouted to the other pigs, come and feast on the fruit as he dropped the fruit to the ground. The other pigs were delighted to have food and as they spend time with Pablico, they begin to feel his love radiate from his beautiful tail. They were amazed it had sprouted hearts. Pablico plucked a heart for each pig from his bushy tail and created a heart necklace for every pig, now you can feel my love always he declared. His love was so powerful, all the pigs wanted to play with him and share their love and that is why pigs are so happy and full of love….they celebrated Pablico’s tail and were forever grateful to his long legs.




What stories from nature will you unfold this weekend?

Have fun with your stories, with love and deep gratitude on this sacred new day, Happy Friday beautiful people, know you are deeply loved, peace Marghanita x

The Arts are necessary to develop the heart

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