We are all storytellers

Your Imagination is the key to unlocking the magical stories hidden in nature

And so it was, a new creative exploration began to unfold, the minute I fell in love with this enchanting little leaf …

It had me spellbound, the minute I held this incredible piece of art in my hands, along with its two little companions.

“The power of Imagination makes us Infinite” – John Muir

Each leaf, pebble, fallen branch has a hidden story…There are certain leaves, pebbles, feathers, rocks that you are destined to find – they contain a hidden story that only YOU can unlock!

The more time I spent playing with the leaves my imagination unlocked the secret stories…

The leaves shared with me, some of their amazing adventures …

“Once I was a magical carpet and carried a young prince to the moon and back” 

“For days I sailed the vast ocean, to the farthest away island, and to my delight, discovered the island was entirely made of chocolate”

“One evening, I was the most elegenat ball-gown, for my special friend – Poppy flower and another night I was a warm blanket for my fairy friends.”

Imagination will take you everywhere

Here is a student writing about her little stick person – Autumn. She dressed Autumn in a scarf and woollen dress to keep her warm. Autumn is visiting the penguins!

Just imagine what awaits YOU when you take a walk in NATURE – with love and anticpated excitement at what you will discover, wishing you oodles of creative adventure in nature this week, peace and gratitude Marghanita x

I will be running a little workshop weekend on storytelling with nature in late January 2018 – (would make a great Christmas gift for someone who wishes to rekindle their love with nature and awaken the artist within) if you are interested please email me or leave a message – I would love to share this beautiful journey with you. You may also be interested in our Nature Art Program – please visit NATURE ART

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