What excites your Spirit?



Earlier this morning, as I walked barefoot, the scent of lavender invited me to dance, I am reminded of Rumi’s call to respond to that which excites me.



I gathered some lavender, yarn and a few fallen twigs …



…and created this little lavender being



She dances in celebration of our soulful, sacred dance of life




Appreciate the Now

One of the most beautiful things about creating a little stick person is the joy it gifts the spirit. Young and old alike enjoy the simplicity of this beautiful, multi -sensory, soulful activity.



The Importance of Communication in a Digital World.

Remembering who and what we are through storytelling in nature, with nature.







Marghanita Hughes just radiates goodness and love. She’s one of those very few folks who, even though I’ve never met her face to face, feels like a dear old friend. This beautiful little book is yet another of the many, many things Marghanita’s doing to promote kids’ (and everyone’s) deep connection with Nature. It is at once a how-to guide for making and playing with whimsical little stick figures; a reflection on the timeless, vital connection between the human animal and all the rest of Nature; and a compendium of pithy quotes from eco-spiritual sages.
All the love, joy and energy of Marghanita’s delightful art-in-Nature programs is distilled in this thoughtful book. Jeffrey Willius – One Mans Wonder


  • 93 full-colour pages PDF
  • How to make stick people video
  • Suitable for all ages


It is my hope that this little booklet will inspire educators, parents, families to create stick people and share stories in schools, kindergartens, homes and communities around the world in an effort to spread love, peace, hope, and unity.

“If we are to create peace in our world, we must begin with our children.” Mahatma Gandhi


Above, Grade one students sharing their stories to fellow students, parents and grandparents.


PURCHASE THE BOOKLET HERE: Storytelling with Nature Art: Stick People

With love and gratitude on this sacred day, know you are deeply loved, peace Marghanita x








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