Wild and Free

All children need time to play outdoors… to let their imaginations run wild and free

This beautiful 5 year old wanted to fly and so she did!

Wild and Free

And soon all the other children were flying in and out of the trees, some were fairies, some were dragonflies; others were birds and butterflies…

It was their game, their adventure, their flight of fantasy

Play nourishes every aspect of a child’s development

Let the forest echo with laughter once more…

Let the Forest echo with Laughter from Marghanita Hughes on Vimeo.

If you do not have an outdoor space, make time to take your students to the local park, woodland area or take a school trip at least once a month to the nearest forest or woodlands. Another option is to visit a neighboring school that has a large playing field – utilise whatever large open spaces you can – to let the children run wild and free.

Building dens on school sports field

Would you like to learn more about our Nature Art Program or attend one of our Adult Nature Art Weekends, just drop us an email and I will send you over details of events and special offers. We would love you to join our International Nature Art Program.

Nature Play is for Big Kids Too! Join us for one of our Wild Nature Art Weekends this Summer. For details please leave a message or email me direct.

Wishing you all a wild and creative week in nature, love and peace, Marghanita.

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