Wire Bird Sculptures

In this workshop we investigate two wonderful sculptors. Wire bird sculptor Cecilia Smith and American sculptor, Alexander Calder – known as the originator of the mobile.

We Protect What We Love

We talked about the birds we liked, some of the students had favourites. We shared stories about some of the birds that have enriched our lives.

In this creative exploration we used the wire as a drawing in space. Using one line to create a bird – very much like drawing on paper. The line can be soft or sharp, complicated or simple depending on how it is bent and changed.

Barefoot and beautiful, the students played with the wire, exploring its flexabilty, smoothness before bending into their desired shape.

The copper and silver wire morphed into quails, hummingbirds, crows, owls and bluejays and many more of our favourite feathered friends. Here are just a few of their soulful creations…

Wire can be used as an expressive medium or in conjunction with other materials – students collected natural items from nature to add to their wire birds, others chose beads and card to complete their sculptures.

Expressions of love

Each little bird sculpture made my heart sing – this little girl loves Robins!

This beautiful, playful nature based activitiy can be adpated for all age groups.

In this workshop we investigate birds and their habitat and help nurture in students a deep love and respect for our beautiful, awe -inspiring feathered friends. To learn more about this workshop you can visit our online Nature Art Program

or join us in person for one of our Summer, Autumn or Spring Nature Art Weekends for Adults.

Wishing you all a beautiful and creative week ahead, love and peace Marghanita x

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