Welcome to Educating the Heart with Nature Art Program

Nature Art Activities

On our Journey we will be focusing on nature and creativity. Rediscovering our deep rooted connection with the natural world and recognizing our interconnectedness with all living things.

Throughout the program you will learn how to actively engage children with nature art activities through meaningful and soulful art projects, planting seeds that lead to a life long journey of love and compassion.

The Nature Art Program is self paced. You can receive a chapter weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.

The beauty of the on-line nature art program is that you can revisit the activities at any given time – they grow organically with you. Everyone on the course has different needs and varying time-lines.

The Nature Art Activities are suitable for all ages: The activities in the program are based on our outdoor nature classes that are of mixed ages.

Teaching children outdoors –
we show you how!

Over the course of the program you will create your very own, unique “Educating the Heart” Folder/Book. An ever-evolving book where you add a new chapter every week/month – each new chapter is in PDF format with a workshop video to watch. This unique program is based on the highly successful educators workshop material.


“I am really loving the program: philosophy, methods, materials, videos and there is much more that I could list.”Petra Zaloznik , Forest Kindergarten Owner, Slovenia
I loved the pdf’s and the video’s! The words were singing in my heart! I haven’t realised how much I gain by walking barefoot. Walking meditation…
..today I will start creating my journey stick. You will receive pics soon. Thank you very much for sharing and being an important part of my journey!! I consider you as my mentor – Dorina, Kindergarten teacher - From Greece teaching in Sweden
I absolutely love your philosophy and practices for bringing children into a close, personal relationship with the earth!Cecile - school teacher of 25 years, USA
Thanks Marghanita. I have done some of the previous chapters myself and am going to share the learning with my Environment Leaders following our Autumn break. Lynne - Educator, Australia
I am really enjoying the program – The readings are inspirational, the practical ideas are great and I love the videos. My journey stick is still evolving and I am learning more about myself and my own relationship with nature. I am also gaining in confidence in terms of my own artistic abilities, an area that I have always enjoyed but not felt very competent in.Cheryl, ECE New Zealand

Fostering a deep love and connection with nature. Encouraging children to explore and celebrate their unique sense of creativity